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Hi, my name is Dan Jasone, I'm graphic and web designer (more about great web design). Also I'm a songwriter and vocalist who experiments with genres from electronic music styles to guitar music and alt metal. Music for me is a hobby and at the moment I'm writing songs exceptionally for my projects. One of such projects of mine is an alternative metal band SELFiNSiDE, which I've founded in 2011, named it as my inner self told me and based it on my songs and conception. This is my official website, here you can find my design portfolio, my songs, videos and some usefull information, maybe. So, if you want to hire me as a designer, or you have an interesting business proposal regarding music, or you just wanna tell me how awesome I am, don't hesitate to contact me through the e-mail: danjasone@gmail.com. You can also drop me a line through the form on my site.

Dan Jasone
Web designer, songwriter, vocalist
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Latest Song

Album "Permanent Insomnia State" is the first release of Dan Jasone's experimental side solo project JASONEUM. Project was created at first for fun and then became a passion and now is considered by the author as a way to relax and make music without thinking about its genre and targeted audience.

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