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Songwriter, vocalist, artist.

Also known as SELFiNSiDE. Solo artist and also composer for video games and movies. Writing songs in different musical genres with domination of electronic (synthpop, industrial), guitar (rock, metal) and classical sound (piano, cello). In 2015 created side solo project JASONEUM with only one goal - to experiment with music without any genres and borders.

Email for collaboration: danjasone@gmail.com or drop a line through the contact form here.

About my music

When I see the world around me I hear music, sometimes heavy riffs and drums, sometimes soft sound of piano or cello, sometimes just noises and broken rythms. I hear music every single second, I think with music, I dream with music, I am music. I'm constantly writing songs about what I see, what I hear and what I feel. I don't stick to any particular genre, cause I don't need too, I just do what I want and express what I feel. I have different feelings time after time, so my songs are different too. If you like my music, then there's something good deep inside you I suppose, and we have a lot of things in common. Join me and let's enjoy this life together, subscribe on my YouTube channel or follow my Instagram to be sure you won't miss anything!

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