Permanent Insomnia State




01. Permanent Insomnia State

02. All Worlds Collision

03. Rconnection to Perfection

04. There's No Time

05. Nineteen Previous Lives

06. Under Their Authority

07. Another Empire Falls

08. White Empty Box

09. Me Inhaling Blood

10. Alice's Clockwork Heart

11. The Isolation Cell

12. You Were Me

13. Ainmosni Morf Ekawa

JASONEUM is a side solo project of Dan Jasone, which was created at first for fun and then became a passion and now is considered by the author as a way to relax and make music without thinking about its genre and targeted audience. Project was created in may 2015 and has only one goal — to experiment with music sound without giving any fuck to everything else. Not a single fuck will be given wihin this project, not a single one.


Latest Song

Introducing new Dan Jasone's EP "Hit The Ground", which was released in March 2017. It includes four songs, written in period from 2015 to 2016. You can find the full EP here. Enjoy this magical music and wait for the new release (coming in 2017).

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