Silence Had Left...

Dan Jasone, 2012


01. Silence (intro)

02. The Birth

03. Heart

04. Without a mask

05. Insideness

06. (-infinity)

07. The Bottom

08. I Have a Dream

09. Sky

10. Endless Night

11. Doomed

12. The Last Sunrise

"Silence Had Left..." is my first demo-album, it includes 12 tracks associated between each other. I always wanted to make some conceptual work, a story, told through the tracks of the album... the work, where one composition continues another and it all in the end makes the story complete. But there's no end... the listener should think it out himself, based on his impressions of what he have heard.

So, this story is about the land, where people haven't seen the sky for many years and they don't know what the sunlight is. They've got used to the shades of grey and doomed to live in the darkness. All this described from one man's point of view, he lives in such world since he was born and he knows about the sky or the Sun only from legends. Not much people still believe in those legends and have any hopes that everything will change. But...

The background of this whole story is an upcoming apocalypse, which, by the legend, should begin with the sunrise and blood red sky. People got tired of their senseless existence as black as ink, so they live only for hope to see this sunrise, even if it would be the last sunrise in their life...

As I wrote before, this demo-album is a conceptual work, so I recommend you to listen to the songs from it in the same order as they are indicated in the tracklist.

Dan Jasone

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